I Took a Working Vacation

Actually I just had a bunch of sick days and such that I had to use before the end of the year. There was a holiday and I will still have a few more than I must either use or lose. Things at the office have been too dramatic lately at any rate. People know there is going to be a shake up in the upper ranks of management and it makes everyone nervous. At any rate I fixed a broken shutters today. One of my kids was playing baseball in the front yard with his pals and someone hit a hard foul ball. It cracked two of the things that make up the shutters, I have no clue what they call them. At any rate I had a piece of wood the right size in the shed. I cut it into two pieces the right length and fit them into the shutter. Then I painted them the right color and put them in the shutter. It only took me a couple of hours and I was being patient.

I have plenty of other stuff that I need to do. I climbed up on the roof and cleaned off a little bit of debris, including a dead limb which fell on the house and scared everyone out of bed about a week ago. Then I trimmed the hedges and pressure washed the parts of the house that are not brick, around the windows and under the eaves. At least I got the parts that are easy to get at. It is a split level house and I really do not like climbing up a 20 foot extension ladder in the back. So the job I did back there was not exactly a top level job. I know a guy who … Read the rest ...

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Ordering New Shutters Will Transform My Home

I am not the type of person who will buy something from a company without doing some research first. I am not talking about a bottle of hair spray or a bag of candy. But, for bigger purchases, like plantation shutters, I am absolutely going to research the company because not all companies are reputable. I had seen some plantation shutters I really liked, and the person told me they got them from Orange County Shutters. I went online to find out more, and I liked everything that I read about this company. They have been in business for over 20 years, which is a testament of itself.

They also have a slew of satisfied customers who have left happy review after happy review. That is also important because the best judge of something is other people who are also familiar with it. What topped it off for me though is that they have won awards for several years now for their workmanship.… Read the rest ...

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For Your Home Painting and Decorating Needs, Trust the Experts

For Your Home Painting and Decorating Needs, Trust the Experts

Wall painting and home decoration exercise when done using expert help and trusted products can help transform the final outcome in every way. However not many people pay attention to this and end up with unsatisfied results once the painting job is completed. If you are not one of those who can compromise on the look of their home then expert help is the way to go and there are numerous benefits of it, read on to know more.

Proper planning: Presently home painting has become a crucial part of the home decoration process, so if you go wrong here many other things are bound to be affected. But when you seek help of experts this will not happen. Professionals have a systematic way of carrying out their job in a planned manner. Whether it is assisting you in picking the right colour or the paint finish type to be used, they will guide you in every step. Another added advantage of seeking help from experts is that they have the knowledge of what will work and what won’t for your home, they will first inspect the area that needs to be painted and then give you the options best suited.

Trusted products: When we go in hunt of paints and other products required in the house painting process there are chances of us going wrong and choosing the wrong products. This often happens because we do not have the correct information; the experts solve this dilemma and make sure the apt products are chosen so that our home walls get the treatment they always wanted. Quality of the paints matter a lot, if inferior paint is applied on the walls, the effects will be visible soon in the form of paint chipping, cracking etc. Instead of ruining … Read the rest ...

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Bathroom Decorating - Choosing Art Prints

Bathroom Decorating – Choosing Art Prints

The first thing that needs to be done is to decide on a theme for the entire bathroom. A few popular themes are Asian, out house, rustic and sand & sea. It is important to find a theme that appeals to you and stick with that theme for the entire bathroom. While you are choosing art prints the rest of your space needs to be considered too. Using multiple themes for one bathroom can end up looking thrown together and not orderly. Since bathrooms are usually smaller spaces this is very important.

Once a theme is determined then the next thing to do is choose art prints that you are happy with and that fits your theme. When choosing the art prints it is important to stay within the theme, but also to find art posters that are somewhat similar in color tones. They do not have to all be the same color, but if you are going with bright colors then keep to that color palette, the same if you go with warm colors, etc. When choosing the color theme consider if you are planning on painting your walls in the same tones and which color will fit with the tone of your furniture, counters, sink and shower.

Now that we have a theme and a general color range lets pick the art prints! First identify the areas on your walls where you will want the art posters to hang. Some areas may be large and will either require a very large piece of art or a collection of smaller items. In this case I recommend a collection of smaller items, it gives a more complete feel for most bathrooms. Art prints of course come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing to consider when you … Read the rest ...

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Upgrade Your Home With New Landscaping

Upgrade Your Home With New Landscaping

Whether you are thinking of selling your home or you would like to enhance its appearance, a new landscaping could help improve your home a lot. If you intend to upgrade in order to sell, you should be thorough in your preparation in offering the best appeal of your home to prospective buyers, especially since real estate market is currently experiencing a downhill trend. Since there are many available homes for sale than buyers, you must make sure that your property draws attention and sell quickly.

Homes have dramatically increased in value because of a good location, but there are several other ways to boost the value of your property, and one great method is a beautiful landscape. Simply, landscaping is improving the land area around your home. Several neighborhood associations require homeowners to maintain a well-manicured lawn, but landscaping is more than that. Landscaping is a wonderful way to improve the curb appeal of your property. An immaculate appearance could create a lasting impression on homebuyers.

Here are several tips on improving the landscape of your property:

1. It is important to choose the right shrubs, trees and flowers to create the look and feel that you desire. You can make the shrubs short and box-like or large to provide privacy to your home. You can make a private area with copse of trees or you might want to make a place to hang hammock for one of those lazy, late-summer snoozes.

2. Landscaping does not only involve additional living things, but stylish and smart gazebos, decks and fountains also plays a major role in a well-executed landscaping. You can choose deck designs with two to three levels and screened-in areas, fire pits, hot tubs and several amenities you would like to include.

3. Plants should be … Read the rest ...

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Kitchen Remodels - It's What's on the Menu For Your Next Home Improvement Project

Kitchen Remodels – It’s What’s on the Menu For Your Next Home Improvement Project

Most homeowners planning on a kitchen remodel or renovation are easily able to find themselves wanting a 20 karat upgrade on a 2 karat budget. Given the fact that the national average cost of a complete kitchen remodel is approximately $40,000, it is easy for those looking to upgrade to realize how quickly the expenses add up to $40,000. Many kitchen remodels though, don’t even approach that figure. The majority of families in today’s economic climate may not have thousands upon thousands of dollars available to spend on a kitchen remodel. However it is quite common to obtain a small home equity loan for such home improvement projects.

Creating a new kitchen layout is not as simple as one would expect. There are basic industry standard heights, distances, and depths that need to be observed when positioning cabinets, lighting, ventilation, electrical outlets, doorways, and much more. Every county within each state has their own particular building codes to adhere to depending on the geographic location of the county. Because of this it is important to retain the services of an experienced professional builder conversant with the local and state building codes.

Unless the homeowner is exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable about kitchen renovations and building codes, a do-it-yourself approach will involve inordinate amounts of time, frustration, patience, and quite likely several cuts, gashes, and bruises. Just in itself, researching styles and kitchen materials from countertops and cabinet hardware to range hoods and electrical appliances can be an exhausting endeavour. Then the truly hard work begins.

Demolition, cleaning, and prepping, if done by the homeowner can take weeks. Demolition and removal of fixtures needs to be done carefully and safely in order to minimize any damage to the floors and walls. Should a professional builder and remodeling company be utilized, … Read the rest ...

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