Creating within the Winter

Creating within the Winter

Can you begin a household construction project within the winter?

YES, you may start off a building project within the winter beneath the correct situations. You will find even some positive aspects to starting a project in the winter. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of starting a project inside the winter months:


  • The subcontractors nonetheless need to have to work throughout the winter so you may have the ability to get a superior cost throughout the winter.
  • The subcontractors are much less busy so they are additional likely to meet your schedule.
  • By beginning in the winter you’ll be off season of a standard building schedule and consequently the subcontractors and suppliers might be less busy throughout your project. Example: lining up a foundation organization is simpler throughout the winter than inside the spring or early summer time, and acquiring a framing crew is easier through the winter than through the summer time.
  • Subcontractors can continue to perform whilst it snows verses rain.
  • The government agencies might be less busy so you can get your permits quicker.


  • You will must be very conscientious about not letting frost get into the ground right after the excavation is done and ahead of your foundation is completed. This includes watching the weather extremely closely and covering the ground with thermal blankets if necessary.
  • The days are shorter and colder and as a result the subcontractors need to function shorter days.
  • There will almost certainly be more climate delays.
  • You may have to pay to possess your web site plowed and shoveled.
  • It is often tougher to obtain massive trucks in and out of your project.
  • You may well require to make use of short-term heat to heat your property, the workers themselves, or a few of the ground
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The Great Arbitrage in Real Estate

The Great Arbitrage in Real Estate

There are times in the real estate market where a great arbitrage can occur. The most frequent I have seen in the residential sector is when a home owner sells their home for a strong price relative to the market conditions and buys up at a price that is still low relative to the market potential. According to Wikipedia, the definition of arbitrage is: the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets: striking a combination of matching deals that capitalize upon the imbalance, the profit being the difference between the market prices.

A real life example is what my husband and I did in late 2009. We purchased in McLean an all brick 4-level end-unit town house with an elevator that was built in 2001. We paid $850,000 for the home. At the peak of the market in 2004 there was one unit in this community that sold for $1 million, a time when the market was just heating up.

Another high sale occurred in 2007 for $1,035,000, just as the market was cooling. That means that the potential upside for our purchase in 2009 at $850,000 was between 17.6% to 21.8%. That is a nice return on investment. Values have been increasing since 2009 for this development. There were 2 sales that occurred in 2011, one unit sold for $895,000 and another at $947,000. That translates to a return on investment already in the 5.3% to 11.4% range.

On the other side of the great arbitrage scenario was the sale of our single family detached home in McLean that we purchased in 1999 for $306,000. It was a detached colonial built in 1959 in the Rosemont section of McLean. Over the years of ownership we made the following improvements: added a … Read the rest ...

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