5 Gemstones that add jewellery to any Royal kitchen

Designing the kitchen worktops using gemstone gives a whole new face to the kitchen. They add uniqueness to the entire kitchen area and with the classy looking gemstone; you don’t have to think twice. The best part of adding jewellery style looking gemstone on your worktops is the area shine and also requires less maintenance. They also brighten the dark space, adding a focal point to the area. There are some distinctive patterns available when you shop for gemstone for your kitchen worktops. From Honey Onyx to Green Onyx or white Onyx, you have multiple options to choose from and apply to your kitchen area.

These are flexible and adaptable which you can use for the flooring and bathroom area purpose too. Although the worktop area is small but is an important place that can increase the value of the space.

5 Gemstones that add jewellery to any Royal kitchen

Adding onyx to your kitchen worktops adds value to the area. Onyx occurs naturally and has the ability to generate attention. Onyx as a gemstone is largely used especially in fashion jewellery and ornaments. Let us now check five such gemstones to add a royal touch to the kitchen:

1. Precious Metal Countertops:

Stone worktops with precious metal can add a slice to the area. They contain silver or gold cuts that are affixed over the wood base. Upon adding, they look beautiful, adding value to the kitchen in all terms.

2. Caesarstone Concetto:

This is one such gemstone having translucent midnight blue backdrop and carries natural transparency. If you frequently use your kitchen worktop, then adding this gemstone will be an ideal investment. From cherry-picked and hand-made selection, you can get this beautiful gemstone as the long-term investment in your kitchen area.

3. Ice Quartz:

This finely polished gemstone having onyx nature, Quartz is known for its strength and resistance to stains. For those who regularly use kitchen worktops, especially in hotels, Ice Quartz gemstone is the ideal option to choose and install. When it comes to the colour, you can select from the white onyx, green onyx and honey onyx. With elegance in its look and large crystal display, the overall look of your kitchen is uplifted.

4. Hematite:

Hematite under the Caesarstone Concetto is an incredible gemstone option for your kitchen worktops. It is composed of iron oxides having a crystalline structure. It comes with mid-to-dark grey hues giving an almost steel grey tone. You can select from the delicate and barely visible patterns.

5. White Quartz:

If you are looking for something light that can give a contrasting look to your kitchen, then White Quartz from Caesarstone Concetto is the right option to go for. This white body emits tranquillity and peace to space. The stone comes with neutral hues allowing designs to match the dark and light surroundings. This creates a unique environment. If you are looking forward to creating an interior space with a focal point when you go for a white quartz stone for the kitchen worktops. This Concetto stone type looks amazing that add an amazing touch to the kitchen area.

There is no doubt that the benefit of gemstones for the kitchen is the best option. They are eco-friendly and maintenance free which is highly beneficial in the long term. So, choose the best gemstone that will upgrade the overall look of your kitchen area.