I Took a Working Vacation

Actually I just had a bunch of sick days and such that I had to use before the end of the year. There was a holiday and I will still have a few more than I must either use or lose. Things at the office have been too dramatic lately at any rate. People know there is going to be a shake up in the upper ranks of management and it makes everyone nervous. At any rate I fixed a broken shutters today. One of my kids was playing baseball in the front yard with his pals and someone hit a hard foul ball. It cracked two of the things that make up the shutters, I have no clue what they call them. At any rate I had a piece of wood the right size in the shed. I cut it into two pieces the right length and fit them into the shutter. Then I painted them the right color and put them in the shutter. It only took me a couple of hours and I was being patient.

I have plenty of other stuff that I need to do. I climbed up on the roof and cleaned off a little bit of debris, including a dead limb which fell on the house and scared everyone out of bed about a week ago. Then I trimmed the hedges and pressure washed the parts of the house that are not brick, around the windows and under the eaves. At least I got the parts that are easy to get at. It is a split level house and I really do not like climbing up a 20 foot extension ladder in the back. So the job I did back there was not exactly a top level job. I know a guy who … Read the rest ...

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