Specialist Blind Fitting Guarantees Excellence

A quick search online reveals how to install blinds; methods with varying accuracy and therefore success.Many people view installing blinds as a DIY task but often discover that a professional firm’s fitting service would have been a wiser option.

DIY isn’t as cost effective as you may believe.

Specialist blind fitting isn’t as expensive as you might think.

Specialist Blind FittingGuarantees Excellence

You don’t want operational issues or a disappointing solution which only meets part of your wish list, so why work alone?

Employ the best in the business and enjoy a step by step process, exceptional customer service, positive experience. Smart Blinds is a specialist family run firm with over 20 years of trading experience, their installers are qualified, and the companyis partnered with the leading names in blind manufacture and design.

Manual blinds and smart blind installations have their own set of needs; trust professionals with this in the same way you would your car’s creation and operation.

Still think you’re fine without specialist blind fitting?

How to fit a manual operation blind:

Establish where to fix the brackets for the best functionality and aesthetics. Measure carefully, getting it incorrect can be a costly error.

Do you need to face fix or top fix?A face fix blind requires brackets fitted to the window frame; top fix means fitting them to the lintel at the top of the window.

Face fixed blinds are outside of the window recess whilst a top fix installation has the blinds drop in the recess, which can maximise space.

The answer to this question is determined by space, the kind of blind and size that you’re installing as much as preference.

When you purchase your blinds, ensure that you make a confident decision about which fix you need and if you’re buying ready made blinds that they have been produced with the desired fix in mind.

Install the blinds themselves; you may have instructions to refer to.

Please, always remember to fix a safety device with the blinds.

Good luck.

How confident are you withsmart blind installations?

Automated blinds utilise smart technology.Learning how to operate them is no different to acquainting yourself with any other smart device. Control the blinds via an app, remote control or home automated system with convenience, even when you’re away from the property.Sun and heat sensors respond to conditions.

You can give the illusion that someone is on site when they aren’t for security.

Smart blind installations are energy efficient and a battery charge of 24 hours results in 5-7 months of power, A rechargeable battery and charger are provided.

If you have IT experience and truly are proficient with smart technology solutions, automated blind installation may not faze you; for most people it’s wise to hire professional blind installation teams.

The best tip about manual and smart blind installation, whatever the material, size, finish or fix type is surely to leave it to the experts. Their fees will hurt less than the headache you’ll give yourself by following the DIY route.