Cheap Wood Flooring – Don’t Sacrifice Quality For Cost

Cheap Wood Flooring - Don't Sacrifice Quality For Cost

Thanks to new innovations and technologies, you can find many different styles of cheap wood flooring that you can put into your home. Some of the products are laminate or made of other materials, while others are made of wood that is less expensive or crafted into a design that is easier to install and more affordable.

You can find the most popular choice, floating hardwood floors, which are made with a tongue in groove joints, which makes them easy to install, and they are milled using pressboard and staining to give the image of real wood floors without being nearly as expensive.

When these types of floors are created, the boards are generally milled using wood scraps, plywood, or even pine. Once the planks have been created, a laminate image of the particular type of flooring selection is placed onto the plank to give it the appearance of real wood.

For example, if you want a maple floor, an artist will design an image that looks just like maple floor planks, and then put it on to the milled planks so that you can have a floor that looks authentic without paying the authentic prices.

Cheap wood flooring does not mean that you have to sacrifice getting quality products. There are many different styles of wood floors available that you can choose from, that will allow you to get the appearance of real wood without paying the high price that comes with installing real hardwood flooring.

Plus, there are many new products such as bamboo flooring and cork floors that are very sleek and sophisticated, just like traditional hardwood, but are much less expensive because the products are more abundant and easier to mill.

Bamboo flooring, for example is one type of hardwood flooring that is not only gorgeous, but it is very environmentally friendly. Rather than taking decades or even centuries to grow, bamboo generally regenerates in about five years, making it a great choice for flooring that doesn’t impact the environment as much as cutting down trees does.

Since it is more abundant and regenerates faster, bamboo floors are often much cheaper than traditional wood floors. However, anyone with bamboo floors in their home will definitely tell you that they don’t look or feel cheap at all. If you prefer traditional wood, you can still find many different selections for cheap wood floors as long as you take the time to look.