Options for Your Finished Basement

Options for Your Finished Basement

Although you may instinctively neglect the basement as a potential living area, after a little planning, preparation, and transformation, your dark and damp basement can be an invaluable extension in your home. Whether you decide to utilize the storage space or as a new liveable space– likelihood is, your basement is under-used.

By simply finishing your basement, you are not only adding valuable livable space to your house, but you are also contributing to both you and your family’s standard of living.

Before you set about to take into account what will you make use of the basement for, it needs to be properly finished, ensuring the walls and floors are properly sealed against moisture. In doing so, you’ll be counteracting potential water damage, rather than just covering it down.

Sealing the Wall and Floor

Consider installing a dual wall system to seal the walls from underground water while providing the space with insulation. This system will not likely supply a vapor barrier, but after a while, it can save you approximately 97% in the heat that would preferably be lost from the unfinished walls.

Once the walls are already well protected, it’s about time to start protecting the floors. This might be achieved by utilizing protective, waterproof matting beneath the carpeting. This will help keep moisture out, and other difficulties out in the concrete-thus preventing it from making its way through to carpeting.

Once these measures are taken, you need to ensure your basement has a good dehumidifier and air conditioning system. When moisture starts to accumulate, your basement may turn to become overwhelmed with foul odors and smells. But a dehumidifier may help eliminate the moisture in the air, even though the new ac unit will help maintain the space cool.

The basement is Finished, Now How Should it Be Used?

There are lots of alternatives for homeowners planning to transform their basement into the desired living space. Too many times homeowners overlook what their basement maybe. In just a not much time, sufficient reason for little effort and cash, a basement can be transformed and may increase the overall value of your house.

Guest or Spare Bedroom

Most homeowners are seeking additional homes to use for relatives and buddies during visits. If this is true, a guest or spare bedroom a very good idea. A finished basement adds great value to your home. If you currently have a guest or spare bedroom in your property, consider finishing your basement and adding yet another bedroom.

Finishing your basement and creating an additional bedroom can greatly improve your property value. Since the basement is slightly separated from your own home, give the new space a topic. Some homeowners are keen on the beach or tropical themes. Popular themes are light blue walls to accent palm trees and seashells. The new space may be thought of like a little getaway without leaving the comfort of your own house, or this could be your relaxing zone, to flee the pressures from the day-to-day living of life upstairs.

Be guaranteed to contact the proper official in your town to request more details about constructing a bedroom inside your basement-there are a few guidelines to take into consideration. A basement finishing expert will be of help!

Home Theater

If you have always wanted your house theater but was lacking the area in your own home, your basement is the best location. All you need is a comfortable couch, a couple of cozy chairs, a coffee table, plus a huge television. If you are investing in this new space, consider investing in a flat-screen television that may be installed on the wall, or possibly a projection television system.

Game Room

Another very popular basement finishing idea amongst homeowners would be to develop a play area to deal with or a family game room. This new space may be an extended part of your home where you and your family can escape to pay quality time together.