The Best UV Water Purifiers from KENT

The Best UV Water Purifiers from KENT

The water that you drink has to be free from all kinds of contaminants, but it is likely to contain dirt, microorganisms and chemical impurities, which are likely to cause several diseases. If you want to drink pure water, it’s important to install a water purifier at home. Among the several kinds of water purifiers available in the market, UV purifiers are very popular. If the water you get at home contains bacteria, cysts and viruses, buy water purifier with UV purification technology. Listed below are the best UV water purifier models from India’s leading water purifier brand KENT.


The Best UV Water Purifiers from KENT

KENT Maxx is one-of-–a-kind water purifier that has a detachable storage tank. It facilitates double purification: first by UV purification and then by a UF membrane. The wall-mountable design of the water purifier makes it ideal for domestic purposes. It assures 100 percent safe water by its double purification and also comes with a carbon pre-filter. This carbon pre-filter corrects the foul odour and taste of water.

KENT Maxx has a sufficiently large storage capacity of 7 litres. The most convenient part of this purifier is that it is can be cleaned from time to time with ease as the storage tank is detachable. It is best suited for purifying tap water or municipal water with low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). The best aspect that makes it stand out from the other water purifiers in the market is the quality certification after being tested by the world’s renowned laboratories like WQA and NSF.

KENT Ultra

KENT Ultra is another UV water purifier from KENT that boasts of certification from renowned laboratories. It is economical, user-friendly and safe to use for purifying water without affecting its taste, odour or the pH balance. KENT Ultra uses a 3-step advanced purification process that utilizes a combination of sediment Filter and activated carbon filter, which removes the bacteria. The UV disinfection kills all the disease-causing pathogens and makes water safe to drink.

The highlight of this product is that it comes with a computerized controlled operation. The UV fail alarm system alerts the user when the UV feature stops working. In such situations, the power supply to the purifier is cut so that impure water is not supplied. This additional safety mechanism makes it a popular choice. KENT Ultra is stylishly designed and compact in structure. Hence, it doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be set up anywhere on the kitchen counter.

KENT Ultra Storage

KENT Ultra storage has high capacity water storage and can be wall mounted. It is best suited for purifying water with low TDS. This purifier too follows a double purification method, which includes UV and UF purification. It also guarantees safe drinking water with its activated carbon filter. The 120 L/per day purification capacity ensures continuous water supply for a large family.

All the KENT UV water purifiers are known for the best market performance. The after-sales service facilitated is on demand, which is what makes it a popular choice amongst a lot of people. If you water to buy water purifier with UV purification technology, there’s no doubt that the above options from KENT would be your best bet.